If you’ve read the book or attended one of Ali Kazimi’s “Undesirables” events, we’d appreciate your thoughts. Please click on the comments section to share your comments or email us at and we’ll post them on your behalf.

“An amazing time in Abbotsford on Oct 27 when Ali launched his book. The crowd was full capacity and many spoke of how touched they were by your dedication to bring our herhistories to the forefront of Canadian living… Thank you”  
Satwinder Bains, Director
Centre for Indo Canadian Studies
University of the Fraser Valley
Abbotsford, BC
  1. Thank you Ali for this. Not just for coming to Ottawa and so generously giving us a copy of your amazing book, and not just for the experience of meeting you — but for sharing with the world what you have learned about this hidden part of Canadian history, which sheds so much light on not only what happened then, but how we came to be what we are today and how the rhetoric of politicians does not always change. We will not forget.

    Much salaams.

    “We do not live in the past, but the past in us.” – Ulrich Phillips.

  2. Patrick Neely

    Thank you Mr. Kazimi for putting into print and film this dark past of Canadian history. We often tell our children [and think erroneously] that things like this only happened in other parts of the world. I pray we have learned from our past prejudices. i look forward to seeing your film. God Bless.

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